About Us

School Day 

 9:00 AM - Student Entry

10:40 - 11:20 AM - First Nutrition Break

1:00 - 1:50 PM - Second Nutrition Break

3:30 PM - Student Dismissal

School Goal

  •    To deepen our understanding of number relationships, both additive and multiplicative.


Our history

 "Red Cross Hut" in 1920

On June 23rd, 1920 The Board of Education approved the purchase from the Red Cross Society the "Red Cross Hut", which was situated on Carling's Heights, to supply immediate accommodations for the Children of school age in North East London. The Purchase price was $2000.00.

This building was moved to the property on Quebec Street near Oxford Street, which the board had acquired in 1919 for a school site at the cost of $5000.00.

Two rooms were added to the original hut, making a four-room school.

On September 1, 1920, this school was opened with two class-rooms in operation. Two additional classrooms were opened in January, 1921. Miss Marjorie Tolhurst was the first Principal. She was succeeded by Mrs. Winifred McNaughton in 1923 who continued until the school was closed in June 1949.


The estimated cost of the "Red Cross Hut", the cost of moving it, and the building of two additional classrooms was $15,000.00. However, due to the inflation of cost at this time, the total cost was nearly $20,000.00.

The School was officially named,"The Knollwood School" on August 17, 1920.

It continued to serve the junior pupils living in the area until June 1, 1949, although overflow classrooms were needed in neighborhood church basements.

In September, 1949, the new Knollwood Park Public School was opened, and the old school was leased for other purposes.

Increased enrollment in the area forced The Board to re-open the school in September 1951. It was used continuously until June 1958 as an annex to the new Knollwood Park Public School, under Mr. O.H.Banks as principal of both schools.

Extensive and expensive repairs would have been required to keep it in good condition. It could no longer serve the needs of the community and the new Bishop Townsend School has replaced it.

Copied from the 25th Anniversary Program, April 18/1975. 


 Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan 

 Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan 2019/20


 Safe Schools Action Plan

 Safe Schools Action Plan 2019/20